Travel Destinations: Danyang, South Korea

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Travel Destinations: Danyang, South Korea

With South Korea being one of the most popular countries in the Orient to visit, there are many great cities and attractions to vitis. However, why not take a trip down to Danyang, in the province of Chungcheongbuk-do. It has everything that a traveller could ask for.

Danyang is a wonderful resort town, nestled in between the mountains on the very edge of Chungju Lake. There are several good hotels and motels here and wonderful restaurants to relax in after a hard day of exploring.

There are several attractions that draw visitors. Why not visit Gosu Donggul first? This amazing limestone cave is said to be the most incredible one in Korea. You can discover the natural wonders of this cave by walking along the endless metal cat-walks and spiral staircases so that you can get very close to see the natural and amazing formations. This cave was discovered in the 1970’s and the system is 1.7km long. It will take at least an hour to look around so make sure you have on a good pair of comfortable shoes!

There are some small cave-dwelling animals here, so if you have children on the trip, why not suggest how many they can count?

Aquaworld is a great place if you love to swim. This water park is mainly indoors with linked pools. You can relax in Jacuzzi baths that smell of pine-needles and sulphur, and if you are still not completely relaxed, steam it away in jade, charcoal and amethyst saunas. Next to the restaurant, you can further relax by playing a game of pool, four-ball or embarrass yourself in the noraebang (karaoke).

The Lakeside Walk is a good way to relax and burn off some calories from eating all that traditional food. The promenade is lined with flowerbeds, trees and soft lighting. Running from the lake, past an artificial waterfall and outdoor concert area, this walk is truly romantic, so take the person whom you love with you.

Still up for more walking? Behind Danyang is the wooded hill known as Daesongsan. Among the fir trees, get some exercise by walking along one of the many paths and sample some of the artworks that are scattered around.

May is a great time to visit Danyang as the quiet sleepy town comes truly alive with the 10 day Azalea Festival. At this time there are concerts, fireworks, funfairs, outdoor movies, sport competitions and loads of stalls to view. When you have done this, a hike up Birobong is recommended to look at the blooming azaleas.


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