Healing Touch

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Whom would you turn when you face a serious crisis in life? Relatives, friends, insurance companies and neighbors only serve as examples of fair weather friends. At times we run to astrologers, who show off as masters of destiny by throwing an air of vanity. Their tools-books on predictive Astrology may furnish a nightmarish experience. Three years back, my friend went to see an astrologer, who used to exude confidence in the television shows while giving his predictions. My friend was asked to wait for three hours. Finally he was given 10 minutes for consultation. The great astrologer cast a glance at my friend’s chart and almost spat out in awe-‘oh my God, what a bad horoscope! It has Kaal sarpa yoga’. My friend was taken aback. He said he was not able to understand. The astrologer explained that my friend would always be betrayed by his own people. His life would be full of ups-and-downs. He would always face pits-and-thorns until his death. My friend was turned into a bundle of nerves. Finally he received the last such prediction, which almost sounded like a death knell. The August astrologer said that my friend would be facing a law-suit after a few months and he may go to judicial custody at least for 21 days through a non-bail able warrant.

Such an experience shattered my friend. He was inconsolable. I asked him to exercise restraint. Again he was not in a position to afford the remedies that the astrologer had prescribed. I could see the neat handwriting of the astrologer on the piece of paper, which resembled the prescription of a doctor-the name and details of the astrologer nicely inscribed in print on the both sides of the page.

What an irony! A qualified doctor gets one hundred rupees, if he writes a prescription. But an astrologer with dubious degrees to his credit takes three hundred rupees as preliminary fees if he prescribes remedies for luck. The former cures the human race from physical and mental ills while the latter makes everybody ill by saying saber-rattling things about life in the shape of predictions.

I told my friend one valuable advice that one noble man had given me. My truly spiritual friend heard with curiosity. I explained the noble man’s suggestions of the definition of a true spiritualist-“a true spiritualist must examine what is fact and what is fiction in life. He should accept the truth and discard the false’.

I made my friend bring his birth chart and both of us sat before the computer and with the help of famous Astrological software I went through his horoscope. I demonstrated to my friend as to why the “the very good astrologer” said such ‘Not –so- easy -to -digest’ things about my friend. Both of us got all the planetary combinations and then I took my friend to the explanations given in the books by the famous astrologers. At the end my friend was convinced that he was taken for a ride as he saw the same combination of planets in horoscope had been interpreted through various contradictions-stating one thing as good and the same one as bad.

I gave my friend a list of people who carried the very ominous ‘Kaal sarpa yoga’

as planetary combinations in their horoscopes.

The names in the list went as follows;

(1)        Dhirubhai Ambani, the famous Industrialist

(2)        Pandit Jawaharlal Neheru,our first prime minister

(3)        George Bush second,US president

(4)        Emperor Akbar

(5)        Many distinguished achievers in the world.

My friend was flabbergasted. He said that his life had served him just an opposite experience. He narrated his meeting with the Astrologer was a nightmare and my illustration was a sweet dream.

“Dig hard with your incisive reasoning. Please do not live with the burden of knowledge, handed over to you either from generations or by experience of life”.

I gave my friend the above mentioned suggestion and I could see the color of his nervous face change and smiles on his handsome mien back as usual.

Then three years have lapsed in the meantime. No such untoward legal suit materialized in my friend’s life. He is in the pink of every thing in his life. Most of us live our life being laden with old concepts. The “healing touch’ in our life shall definitely materialize if we get integrated with life. Fear of living makes a person  dead meat.

I was standing by a swimming pool and gossiping with one of champion swimmer of his time. He narrated a classic example of fear of living. He quoted two deadly things which the human race is mortally afraid since the inception of life. One is fire and other one is water. Both the creations of nature are short lived .Fire ,however it might burn would get extinguished over a period of time and water cannot stay at one place as it’s real nature is to move in a flow. Same is the true nature of human life because of its ephemeral status. Ironically a few lives of human beings accidentally fell in the water and tried to battle the powerful flow of water, just to save them from getting carried away by the torrents. The humans were surprised when they resisted water with the powerful strokes of hands and legs. They were not drowned rather such resistance evolved into a popular sports, which we call swimming.

Thus the pleasure of swimming in the torrents of water was born. How would you derive pleasure of life unless you fall and resist for an existence?





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