Explore the Exciting Galapagos Islands On A Celebrity Cruise

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The Celebrity Cruise exploring the island of Galapagos is one of the most popular cruises sailing in the Pacific Ocean. In fact this early, most of the Inside Room and Veranda Staterooms are already sold out for the Celebrity Cruise scheduled trips slated on December 06, 2009 which starts at $2,999 for the Inside Rooms only.  

However you still have a long way to go before you can board Celebrity Expedition, the Celebrity Cruise ship assigned to carry travelers who want to explore the Galapagos Islands. You have to go to one of Ecuador’s airport located at the Island of Barba where the Celebrity Expedition awaits its passengers. Keep this in mind when you are about to book an exploration cruise for the Galapagos Island. You can have the option to include the transport arrangements in going to Ecuador as part of your Celebrity Cruise package or book your flight to Ecuador directly from an airlines whichever is lower or more convenient.       
Another thing to remember is to bring your camera, make sure you have all the batteries you need and that your camera is in the best condition. In this Celebrity Cruise, you will meet the most interesting species of wildlife in Galapagos which is the only one in the world. The government may sometimes limit the travels including the  Celebrity Cruise going to Galapagos as they sometimes deem it proper, to avoid the place being overcrowded by too many visitors.

The island’s most famous visitor is Charles Darwin which was in 1845 and his fascination with the wildlife he had seen in Galapagos all the more strengthened his conviction about the theory of evolution. Frigate birds at North Seymour boast of their overgenerous colony and the red marine iguanas still flourish in this island believed to be over five million years old.

By taking a Celebrity Cruise, you will learn that Galapagos Island’s history is not all about wildlife; it used to host prison colonies before and was a naval port and research station. That’s why your cameras should be ready to capture in your digital cameras and camcorders all that you are about to witness.   

Celebrity Cruise Trips to Galapagos

There are 7-night or 13-night passages for Celebrity Cruise in Galapagos Island on board the Celebrity Expedition. They are scheduled during December and another one for October. Schedules are cheaper by $500 during October. Passengers will explore all thirteen islands that make up Galapagos during each Celebrity Cruise.  

October is considered as a low season; hence Celebrity Cruise prices are lower. The December tours are booked way ahead in advance so if you plan on booking for your reservation be ready with an alternative budget or cruise ship to take. The period from December to May are said to be the ideal time of year to visit the island on board a Celebrity Cruise.     

These are the periods when the island’s wildlife is most active because the weather and the climate have been warmed and the island itself is lush and green. As the climate and the ocean temperature are agreeably warm, visitors go swimming and snorkeling in the beach. On the side, they will be able to see how the island sea birds go about their rituals of courtship.  

In traveling the thirteen islands you will have different experiences for each. An example would be at North Seymour which is at the northern end of Baltra where you will see a specie of birds called boobies with webbed blue feet. It’s as if the birds are wearing a pair of powder-blue colored rubber flippers. If you feel famished and want to taste the Galapagos international cuisine you can have them at Puerto Ayora where you can go shopping for curios crafted by the local artisans.      

Down at Urvina Bay, you will see the Alcedo Volcano whose eruption in 1954 elevated a part of the ocean floor about 32 feet above the sea level and is now known as Urvina Bay. Hence a walk along the shores of the bay is a walk on what used to be sunken coral reefs lying on the ocean floor creating quaint rock formations. Another favorite is Las Bachas Island because it’s the egg-laying site of the Pacific green turtles,    

A Celebrity Cruise to Galapagos Island maybe expensive but there is no other place on Earth that could be worth the money you will pay for just to see it This is why up to now, Celebrity Cruise ships remain popular because the experience isn’t something you could get from just anywhere and will probably get you thinking like Charles Darwin did.      

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