Stopping debt-collector : How to get credit help

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How do you stop collectors from harassing you? They will keep doing it won’t they. The question is whether you will pay if off or not. If you’re going to pay it off or want to make arrangement then you should to them and make plan to pay. If you have made plan then you should not receive any phone calls. If you don’t want to pay it off and want to default it then you should not pick up the phone as you will never get the chance to talk and they will be very harsh on you. If you don’t plan on repaying the debt and want to let it default then do not pick up the phone and don’t answers anything else because it’s not productive at all since you don’t have the money to pay it off. What are you going to say when you pick up the phone if you’re not going to pay it?

They will use a lot of harsh language too you know. They won’t be nice. I’ve seen it and you may have too. You can get out of a conversation with them. They’re trained to harass you. They know how to keep you on the phone. If you talk with them, it will result in nothing but more madness between the two of you. I’m certain that you know that already. They will send letters and make phone calls to you. How do you stop it? Don’t pick up the phone and change your phone number if you’re going to default your payment. Once you have a change in phone number no one will call you anymore. I think that the majority of us who have collectors harassing us are because we can’t make the payment nor will we have the money any time soon.

Like it or not that is the reality for some people. It’s enough with the household bills already and so they won’t be able to pay anything that is about three thousands dollars in interest high. I think credit is a bad problem for a lot of us today. The good news is that we can file for bankruptcy and get it out of our system within seven years. If you’re buried deep in a pile of work and can’t do anything about it then let it default or file for bankruptcy. If you owe anything more than 20k, chances are you will be too busy with all of your first line bills so you would default it instead of making fifty dollars payment per month and it only goes to the interest.
How do you stop them? You can change your phone number, cell number and home number and it’ll be done. You can default your payment and let it go bankrupt. These are the things that you can do. You don’t have to pick up the phone every single time because you know that they will give you the same drills.


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