Relationship: My definition of cheating

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What is my definition of cheating? This is an easy one for me since I’m no stranger when it comes to the topic. I do think that we need to classify cheating and the type of relationship that would make it cheating. There are many different levels of commitment and we should be fair to each. If you’re barely getting to know a person within a month and they’re also getting to know other women then the relationship is more of “seeing” each other and it would make it alright for him to date other women as well. If you don’t want him to do this then you should let him know, but I think a lot of people nowadays do have hundreds of phone numbers to call just so you’re not aware of the whole deal. This is not like the 1930s kind of dating era anymore. Men and women are trying to get to know different people and trying to make a good decisions so you should know that at the back of your head. You should know that men are dating around and that you shouldn’t expect commitment right away.

It’ll be a topic when you two have been dating for at least a couple of months. I think communication is the key here and if you like the person so much you can tell them to commit to you. I think that feeling is something to be considered too. It’s almost a natural thing for a guy to want to commit to you if he’s in love with you. I think relationship will take its course naturally and we don’t have to worry if things are flowing right. We would worry when it’s not going right. Relationship is a hard thing. You have feelings and then you have misunderstanding. There is so much to deal with in a relationship but I think you can clear it all up with good communication skills and clear communication skills. The best thing is to talk with each other and see where you stand. How else will you find out? I would do it because I’ve been taught that this is a good skill to have and that is to communicate directly about your feelings to the other person.

Relationship is such a complex thing that it’s hard to say when it’s cheating and when it’s not. You think you’re in love with the person but they don’t feel that way at all. You think that you’re in a committed relationship but the other person doesn’t feel the same. You shouldn’t second guess and assume anything until you have heard it from them. What if a relationship is on the verge of a break up or if the couple is fighting and the man find a new woman at that time? Would this be cheating? I wouldn’t think so because they’re about to break up and things are not working out. The lady in this relationship would think that she has been cheated but that’s not the case. Sometimes people misclassified things and think that it’s cheating when it’s clear that there is problem in the relationship. However, there will cases that I would classify cheating as cheating such as when they cheat and they want to come back to you and still be with the other person. They want two women at one time. They don’t have any sympathy for your feelings. They’re married to you and still want to continue the relationship but they also want to be with the other person. They again do not want to break up with neither one of you. I would consider this cheating. Cheating is when you have a duty to fulfill but you have break it and continue to do it. If the man break up and move on then I don’t call it cheating, I call it moving on in a relationship that is not working out.


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