How to reduce your medical bills

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Medical bills can be very high in some cases. One way to not have a high bill is to have medical insurance, or Medicare. When you have insurance your bills will be paid for by your insurance provider and you will not be handling the large bill. If you’re in the senior population or have a medical illness it’s best that you have medical insurance because chances are you’ll have some hospital visits. If you can afford health insurance, it’s always best to get it so that you don’t have to worry about one large bill. You never know when you may have an emergency. The best bill is the one that never occur in the first place and this means prevention from major illness and accidents. You can prevent most accidents and major illness if you take care of it when it’s minor. I don’t think that you should ignore vital signs of cancer or high blood pressure. The best thing is to take care of it when it’s minor. You should not leave it until it’s a major and costly problem.

There are people that will do that and the reason could be that they’re not trained to recognize minor problems and to get help right away. Most health related problems will be less costly if you catch its early onset and get it treated right away. The longer you leave it the more problems you will get. The best way that you will not end up with a large medical bill is to prevent major health problems and solve it when it’s minor. Once you have a large bill, it’s too late. You will have to pay for it or let it default which will gives you bad credit but if you have no choice then that’s the solution. You can try to get it reduced but I doubt that it will work. Usually medical bills are not like credit cards bills where you can get it reduced. They usually don’t give you a discount after a major surgery. They will keep on collecting until they get something or until you have file for bankruptcy. There will be time when they will take what you have in your bank account by getting a court judgment against you. Therefore, it’s best to get health insurance if you’re in the vulnerable population and get treatment early on so that you don’t end up with a large operation.

If you’re disabled or you just can’t pay the bills then you can apply for a waiver at the time of treatment and you can qualify if you meet all of the criteria. They will forgive your bills if you proved to be incompetent or just don’t have a high income. They do have these waiver programs at the state hospitals. If you don’t have a high income you can get treatment at a state hospital where it’s funded by the state so that you can apply for bills waiver. If you’re caught in a mess and you feel like you won’t be able to pay it off then you can default a bill and it’ll just lower your credit. What else can you do if you’re stuck and you can’t pay it. The best way is to get things treated when they’re minor so that you don’t have to end up with a costly treatment or operation. You should not ignore your early health problems.


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