Snellione of Dreamlike Music

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Snellione is without a doubt a distinctive hip-hop producer. His creativity is due to his influenced by various styles of music such as electronica, disco, jazz, funk, reggaeton, grime, and drum & bass and so on. Hints of different musical elemental styles can be found throughout his work. The ambition to go beyond the realms of simplicity and the seasonal norms maybe derived from his experience from living and from engaging in different parts of the world. Cultural experiences outside his own have enabled him to appreciate the vast components of musical invention.

…I think it is amazing that music from a variety of cultures and from different social standards remains captivating even though the music creators are from different realms of the world. They all do they own thing. I, more or less, try to incorporate some of these colors into my musical art form at the same time I do my own thing…

The fusion process of his production may be brought to life as an experimental and abstract beat or as a clever and modern styled arrangement. He leaves cohesive musical patterns in the hands of the skeptics and the inquisitive public allowing his boundless music to be enjoyed and appreciated.

…Music has no barriers and no rules at all. Music is true freedom and it is a great escape when it stimulates the brain! I aim to take people traveling through rhythms and melodies. Incorporating different ideas or originating an addictive sound makes music stunning and real…

Snellione is with the record label, Dreamlike Music. It was founded in January 2009. He has completed a new CD project, Molten Magma: Underneath Da Streetz. The instrumental hip-hop album will be available in physical CDs and in digital downloads. The release date of Molten Magma was on the 25th of December 2009. He has also been much occupied with the production of future album projects. These projects will be equipped with relatable lyrical content, poetry, and spoken word. He is preparing a compilation album and also his solo album titled One Life and a Dream. Snellione diligently produces music and records songs to continue and build up an archive of inventive and genuine materials for the masses.



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