German Industrial band -Complusoryskin

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This very unique german musician PiaPale known from her Industrial rock band CompulsorySkin has been and still is compared to as a female version of Trent Reznor of the Industrial band Nine Inch Nails. As one really listens to each song, track by track. You will start to see the musical influences from Bjork, Marilyn Manson and to a much harsher and heavier Depeche Mode.

CompulsorySkin has been around since the early 90’s as PiaPlae aka Valeska Weich and has been and still is the only official member of the band, but has a great ensemble for live shows when touring around Europe. The band now consists of Yankeerose on Bass, Niko Siller on Guitars, Nikolas Basler on Drums, VampirVampy on Synths &, with PiaPale on Lead Vocals.

By far the band has an extraordinary sound. Its moody, violent, aggressive, destructive and all at the same time refreshing. Why? Because its Lead Vocalist is true to her feelings and puts them into words. PiaPale’s lyrics are an explanation of why she is venting and why the sounds that she creates are a rollercoaster of emotions of the past, present and very distant future.

As of October 5th 2007 CompulsorySkin finally released their much anticipated first album “Naked To The Bones” off of Indie Label Danse Macabre Records. And with over 286,717 plays and with a fan page view of 435,389 on the band myspace page. This band should see their fan base increasing rapidly with no signs of slowing down. If your interested in geting to know this band and hearing their unique sound. You can check them out on , and at


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