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Are your hot buttons causing your business to get cold? Of course, it’s wise to be prudent with important business decisions, but it can ultimately serve to be quite damaging if you continuously fail to move forward.

One of the most common responses to the question of why a business hasn’t upgraded their website content or sales copy: bootstrapped budget. However, the claim that a business can’t afford to spend money on marketing, presents a paradox. No offense, but business owners big and small, need to take their blinders off—marketing is what brings in new business. Saying you don’t have enough money for marketing and advertising is like saying you can only afford iceberg lettuce when all you’re really doing is wasting money on a food that’s almost completely void of nutrients. You need to stop thinking that a passive approach to your bootstrapped budget is the solution—feed your business with nutrient-rich marketing and copywriting.

What’s that you say? You get enough business through word-of-mouth marketing and referrals? If it’s free, it’s for me, right? Or perhaps business is booming because of a marketing project you did months ago? Fantastic! However, while start-up businesses and long-time conglomerates alike need to mind their overhead, they certainly shouldn’t let it push them around. Just because you’ve got a steady flow of work now doesn’t mean it will always be steady. Just as it is in the laws of physics, there’s no such thing as a perpetual motion marketing machine. Continuous energy and effort must be injected into your business.

“I need immediate results!” While there are viable options such as PPC campaigns that can garner instant results, they can often lead to instant budget slaughters. For those of you who’d like to prevent your business from converting from bacon earner to actually becoming the bacon, you should mirror a wise stock portfolio. A blended marketing plan allocates portions of your budget in more than one area, protecting you against the old Christmas-lights dilemma where the whole string goes out if one bulb blows. Maintain a comprehensive blend of aggressiveness levels in your marketing and you’ll keep your business out of the slaughter house.

“I’m waiting to see how global warming turns out before I invest any more money in my business.” Now you’re just being ridiculous.

“My business model doesn’t require much content or marketing copywriting.” Try going through a single day of business without actually talking about your business. Unless you run a mime school, we’re pretty sure you’ll end up needing a few words here and there. Every single industry and business model requires constant communication with prospects and clients. Whether in a blog or on your static webpage, your content acts a 24/7 virtual salesman.

“I offer a superior product or service—my business sells itself.” We’re not arguing with you, we think your product is amazing (we’re kidding, we have no idea what type of business you’re involved with; we’ve never met). Regardless of how stellar your business offer actually is, there’s a good chance that only you and your employees truly understand its superiority. Comprehensive copywriting and marketing illustrates your unique selling point (USP) for people and shows them how you’re an orange among apples.

“Those are good reasons, but now is just not the right time for me.” Raise your hand if you’re still kicking yourself for not investing in Yahoo! stock before it skyrocketed (or even just a single kick at one point). If you don’t maintain active marketing for your business now, you miss out on branding yourself as a pioneer. The frontiersmen of the business world always bring in the most sales. Even if another business comes out with a similar product or service, if they didn’t get it in front of the masses first, they will always have to work twice as hard to garner the same exposure as Luis and Clark.


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