How to Create Activities to Do With Your Mate

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Creative things you can do with your spouse is group outings or go over another married couples house and create fun things for the group to do. For example We went over a couples house and we played scramble and played a game where you pick out a folded piece of paper out of a jar for example you can put different activities you think would be fun for you and your mate to do with each other and you share what it said with your spouse once you got home.

Instead of watching a movie by ourselves we would invite a couple over to watch a movie with us and have popcorn or we would go over their house. We also go on double dates for example out to eat and go to a movie it was fun. That is another great way to have fun with your spouse.

You can play card games like me and my husband play card games and board games and have refreshment to enjoy while we play and have fun together. During the summer is the best time for you and your spouse to go to the park you can do sport activities at the park have picnics.

Exercise together like me and my spouse walk the nature trail together. This will help you bond more together and give you a peace of mind. Go to free concerts together check your local newspaper. Go to a drive in movie for example some Recreation centers have drive in movies where you bring blankets and lay in the park and watch a movie.

Go to museums for example we went to vulcan park and toured the park and the museums and had a picnic outside. Body paint each other with body paint be creative and paint your spouse.

Tips & Warnings

  • The more creative the more funnier
  • Don’t be close minded

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