How to make sea breeze Jewelry

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Necklace: 1. Assemble your beads and arrange them in a pattern that is pleasing to you. 2. Thread one end of the wire through a crimp tube and one side of the toggle, and then back through the crimp tube. Flatten the crimp tube and trim excess wire. 3. On the other end of the wire, string the beads in the pattern that you have chosen to form the first side of the necklace. 4. To form the loop at the center of the necklace, string the wire through one large bead and then one medium bead. Then string beads in the following order: 1 seed bead, 1 tube, 1 seed bead, 1 large bead, 1 seed bead, 1 tube bead, 1 seed bead. Take the wire and string it back through the medium and large beads to complete the loop. 5. String remaining beads in the same pattern as the first side of the necklace as in step 3. 6. Add crimp tube, toggle, and string the wire back through the crimp tube. Flatten the crimp tube and trim excess wire.

Bracelet: 1. When you cut the stretch Magic, make sure it will go around your wrist. Allow several inches for tying. 2. String beads on a strand of stretch Magic in a pattern that is pleasing to you. Tie a square knot and set aside. Do not trim the excess stretch Magic. 3. String beads on a second strand of stretch ,magic and tie a square knot. 4. Holding knots of the two bracelets together, tie a square knot with the excess stretch Magic. Trim the remaining stretch Magic.

Earrings: 1 Select beads of your choice. 2. Arrange the beads on a 2″ head pin. 3. Trim head pin to about 3/8″ and shape into a loop trim-excess. Attach to the ear wire. Make the second earring.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Necklace: 23″ Bead Wire
  • Sea Breeze Mini Mix Beads
  • Toggle Set
  • Green Rainbow Mix Beads
  • 2mm Crimp Tubes
  • Sea Breeze Assorted Mix Beads
  • Bracelet: stretchy Magic-2 Pieces 8″-9″ long
  • Green Rainbow Mix Beads
  • Sea breeze Mini Mix Beads
  • Sea breeze Assorted Mix Beads
  • 4x6mm Tube Beads
  • Earrings: 2-Earwires
  • 2Medium Assorted Beads
  • 2-2″ Head Pins
  • 26-mm Bicone Beads
  • 2 Medium Rainbow Beads

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