How to Know and Understand The Advantages of Being a Marine

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As a Marine, you can expect to recieve: Military pay, graded according to your rank. Full Medical benefits for you and your family. Free on base housing or a housing allowances Thirty days paid vaction each year-much more time off than in the civilian sector. Shopping privileges at Miltary Post Exchanges and Commissaries all over the world! Education: Every Marine is encouraged to continue his or her education, and is given both the opportunity abd the financial means to do so.

From the moment you become a marine, you will have many attendance options for continuing your higher education, and government Tuition Assistance BECOMES EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. It pays for 100% of tuition and books, provided you maintain a C average. Should you leave the Crops after completing your enlistment, you can still continue your education through the GI Bill, which you have the opportunity to elect upon enlistment. IT WILL PAY FOR THE VAST MAJORITY OF YOUR EDUCATION EXPENSES.

You’ll have the respect of your peers, the grateful thanks of your coutry and a unique pride you’ll never have to relinquish. You’ll be a part of a special lineage older than this nation, and you’ll have a head start on a sucessful life. Marine corp trainning results in extremly disciplined individuals who are able to think quickly, adapt quickly and lead others. It’s a formula that’s proven itself for gererations of Marines.

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