Facebook Knighthood; how to establish your kingdom

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Knighthood is a Facebook Application game where the Facebook member builds a kingdom by recruiting friends as vassals that serve him. The vassals are assigned to tasks in the kingdom and can build and upgrade buildings, earn knighthood gold, and produce weapons. Knighthood players can wage war with other knighthood players, so having a solid infrastructure is important. Here is how to establish your Knighthood kingdom and get off to a good start in Facebook Knighthood.

Most people find out about Knighthood when they receive a Facebook knighthood invite from a friend. I don’t know if one can join without an invite.

Facebook Knighthood: Get started with the tutorial:

Accept the invite and knighthood will load. Follow the basic instructions, then start the Facebook Knighthood tutorial. You have two buildings, the court and castle. Recently recruited or seized vassals appear in the court and are idle, assign them to other buildings so they can work for or protect you.

The next step in the Facebook Knighthood tutorial is transferring vassals to the castle. Vassals in the castle produce hammers, used in building and expanding buildings. A vassal produces hammers per hour equal to his power. Your two power five serfs combine for 10 hammers per hour.

Expanding a building allows another vassal to work there. The highest known level is level 13; expansion costs increase exponentially ranging from 5 hammers to over 10,000,000 hammers. Hammers cannot be stored; vassals remain idle in castle once construction completes.

Now build the marketplace. The marketplace produces gold; vassals assigned to marketplace produce an amount of gold per hour equal to their power. The marketplace costs five hammers to build; your serfs will take a half hour to produce them. The tutorial gives you 50 gold to spend to hurry the building. You buy the hammers at 10 gold a hammer; the building is built or expanded immediately if the required hammers are purchased. Here the tutorial used to end and you received 1000 gold.

The new tutorial goes on to construct the marketplace, the wall, palisade, and watchtowers. Players will also receive at least one power 15 freeman that lasts a week.

 Facebook Knighthood: Recruiting your kingdom:

 Your first vassal you recruit will be the free power 15 steward given for verifying your email address with Knighthood. Check your email and confirm by clicking the link in the message. Next go to the recruit tab and send knighthood invites to friends. Invitations are currently limited to twelve per day, they had gone from eight to six and then four.

 Every invited friend becomes a power 10 vassal in your kingdom. Power 10 vassals, referred to as squirrels, stay around only a few weeks. When the invitation is accepted, the vassal is promoted to a power 20 knight/lady, a permanent vassal. Even if your friend then uninstalls knighthood, you retain the vassal. So first invite close friends and siblings who either will check out the game or accept the invite just to help you out. People who accept the invite and never play are referred to in-game as “zombies.”

 Facebook Knighthood: Utilizing your vassals:

To best utilize your vassals, put your strongest vassals in the castle because hammers are ten times as effective as gold. Because hammers are only produced when there is something to build, timing your construction becomes strategic especially when upgrading between levels 3-5. When heading offline, figure out how many hours until you return, and select buildings that take around that length of time to build. Transferring vassals to the marketplace and using weaker vassals in the castle can also prolong the building time. You want to maximize your vassals’ output.

Once you start a building, you have the choice to complete construction or cancel, losing all the incomplete work. If all the vassals are needed elsewhere, removing the vassals from castle pauses the building without losing the work.

You want to upgrade the castle so you build faster. Marketplace should be upgraded to level four first if you have extra vassals. 1200 gold will hurry the marketplace to level four. Within a week, slightly more if you have no knights, your castle will be level five. Build your watchtower, wall, and palisade and upgrade them and your marketplace at least to level five or six before building your garrison. The reason for building this first is with the maximum 100% pre-garrison build speed you save time. After building a garrison production is reduced to 75% during peace.

Facebook knighthood players can refer to these legitimate shortcuts to increase game performance. There are also faster ways to earn gold, some of these Knighthood gold methods may be available to the Knighthood beginner.

Congratulations, your knighthood kingdom is off to a great start. Now it’s time to pass through war mode into peace so that you can begin upgrading and building the new buildings allowed by building garrison.

Source: Facebook Knighthood; secrets to maximise initial kingdom establishment.


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