How to Avoid falling Victim To Internet Scams.

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Thousands of Americans fall victim to Internet scams each and year.  There are some simple ways in which a person can safeguard himself or herself from becoming the next victim of Internet scams. 

 First, it is wise not to open mail from unidentified senders or any mail in your SPAM box.  In most cases, any mail sent to your SPAM folder is unimportant and could cause harm to your computer if you open the emails.  This is one reason why most people have SPAM protection built into to their email.

 Next, never give your credit card or personal information to any one soliciting business from unrecognizable or false corporations.  If you feel that an email solicitation is not legitimate then this should put up an automatic red flag. 

 Finally, be cautious of even giving your cell phone of home telephone to anyone that you don’t know.  You would be surprised how scam artists can use your telephone number to their advantage.  In some cases, scam artists can actually use your phone numbers to make long distance calls and charging the fees to your telephone number.  This kind of scam is very common and it can cause you a great deal of heartache if it happens to you or a family member.

 Make sure all of your computer software and security systems are current and up to date.  A good security system can help protect against computer crime and unwanted solicitations.  You should update your computer hardware and security systems at least once a year.


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