How to Upload Book Covers to a MySpace Page

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MySpace is one of the most popular social networking sites on the Internet, attracting millions of users. Many aspiring authors use MySpace as a network and a promotional tool, like many musicians, models, aspiring artists, and others. Putting book covers on a MySpace page helps promote the books of authors, making them recognizable to users, especially when a synopsis of the book is offered that lets potential readers know what the book is about. Some users who aren’t authors simply like to upload photos of the covers from their favorite books to show other users on their friends list. Regardless of why you want to upload book covers to a MySpace page, you can easily do so with the photo upload tool.

Things You’ll Need

Book cover photo
MySpace account

Step 1

Find a photo of the book cover you want to upload to your MySpace page. You can do this by locating a picture of the cover of the book in an online bookstore or marketplace. Click on the image of the book cover, and select “Save Image As” to save it to your computer.

Step 2

Login to your MySpace account, and then click “Edit Photos” to load the photo upload tool.

Step 3

Click “Upload Photos” to cause the photo upload tool to appear, and then click “Browse” to select the book cover image file on your computer. Click “Upload” to upload the book cover to your MySpace page.


Make the cover of your book your default profile image by clicking “Default” next to the image.

Add a photo description to your book cover by clicking “Add Description.”

If you want to upload book covers to your MySpace page to showcase your favorite books, consider putting images of the book covers under the “Books” section of your profile or create a “Favorite Books” photo album in which to upload and organize your book covers.


Beware of closing out of your Internet browser screen before the upload is complete, for it could interfere with your upload if you do.


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