Idealist Nonprofit Jobs Drop Almost 50%

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Idealist has been a main resource for nonprofit jobs for over 15 years. If you work in the nonprofit sector, you have probably posted a nonprofit position or gotten a job from their website nonprofit job listings. Now, they may not be there anymore.

Idealist was getting 70% of its budget from the small fees that employers paid to post nonprofit job listings. Over the past 16 months, that income has been cut almost in half since more and more nonprofits have frozen hiring and reduced their staffs since the financial crisis exploded back in October. Their monthly budget deficit has climbed to over $100,000 a month, and they have been sustained mostly from donations from major donors.

If you’ve never visited Idealist, it’s a global clearinghouse of nonprofit and volunteering resources. In addition to the nonprofit job listings, they offer information about volunteer opportunities and internships, nonprofit career and volunteer fairs, and organizational profiles. There are additional resources for school teachers and for community action, as well as discussion forums on topics including charitable donations, education, and social issues.

The decline in funding for Idealist is bad news for both nonprofit organizations and job seekers. It has been the largest job board for nonprofits. Most postings remain free except for U.S. based organizations which are still charged only $60 per nonprofit job listing. This is a one time fee that enables the employer to maintain the posting for as long as needed just by editing the time period themselves. All other listings, including internships and volunteer opportunities, are free for everyone. Organizations outside the United States can also post jobs free of charge. These rates are much lower than job listings in most major commercial publications and job boards. As a global clearinghouse, they also accept job postings in English, Spanish, and French. Many nonprofits also post jobs on craigslist, but this is more difficult for job seekers interested in seeing nonprofit positions nationwide. While there are many legitimate jobs on craigslist, people also have to beware of scams that are much less likely to appear on Idealist.

Idealist is asking for donations to help get through this crisis and continue its nonprofit job listings and other services. Donations can be made at


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