How to String the Line on a Spinning Fishing Reel

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Recreational fishing has become a very popular sport all around the world. Both salt and fresh water fishing is fun, relaxing and exciting at times. As with many things, all fishing is something you have to be taught in order at which to be successful. Learning about your equipment, baits, techniques and, most of all, patience is essential. The first thing you should know is how to properly replace the line on your reel. Your line is the most important aspect of fishing for any fish, for it is upon which you reel in the fish. The most common mistake that many people make when they go fishing is not having their line properly strung. Below is the proper way to string a spinning fishing reel.

Things You’ll Need

Spinning fishing reel

Nail clippers

Spool of fishing line

Fishing rod



Step 1) Flip the bail open on your spinning fishing reel and start stripping all your old line off until you come to the end of the spool.

Step 2) Use nail clippers to clip the knot on the end of the line.

Step 3) Take the end of your new line from the spool of fishing line and put it through the tip of your rod before stringing it through all the line guides until you reach the spool. Make sure the bail of your spinning fishing rod is open as you do so.

Step 4) Wrap the line around the spool and tie a loop, pulling it taught. Then tie another loop and pull until tight. Tie another loop and pull it tight, creating 3 loops in all.

Step 5) Use your nail clippers to clip the line close to the knot. Then flip your bail closed on your spinning fishing reel. You are ready to put your new line on your reel. You will need someone to help you with the next step.

Step 6) Have your partner take a pencil and put it through the new line spool. Have him hold it in front of you. Stand approximately 10 feet in front of her.  Start to reel slowly, holding your fingers on the line as it goes on your reel to keep it straight and from bunching. When you reach the line limit on your spool, you are done.


Determine how much line your spinning fishing reel is capable of holding by reading the specifications printed on your reel.


Beware of improperly stringing your line by allowing it to twist as you reel the line onto the spool of your fishing reel, for this could lead to a backlash that is commonly called a bird’s nest and is a real mess to fix, sometimes requiring you to begin the process anew.


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