Bathroom Remodeling: Tub or Shower?

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Simply put, a tub will take up more space than a shower. They will however often turn out cheaper than even one of those prefabricated fiberglass showers. Tubs can range from around $200 to a few thousand or more, whereas showers actually start at closer to a thousand; more even if you go for a custom ceramic job.

So you can potentially save money by going with a tub, but you’ll be losing space. It’s your decision at this point. If space isn’t an issue but money is, and you want a tub, go for it. If space is an issue but money isn’t, and you want a shower, then go for that. Sadly, if your wants exceed your constraints here then you’re going to have the bite the bullet one way or the other. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, as they say.

Another consideration is energy savings. Many people seem to think that they save energy by taking baths. Not true. A person will usually soak themselves in roughly forty gallons of water per bath. A shower on the other hand will typically take only half that amount. A good way to test this (if you have a showerhead in your tub) is to plug your tub and then take your normal shower. Chances are the tub will only be halfway full when you’re done.

So in the long run a shower is about fifty percent more cost effective than a bath. But the question is whether or not you’ll live long enough to make up the difference.

In conclusion, tubs can be cheaper to purchase, yet they are space and energy hogs. Showers on the other hand can be more expensive to purchase, but take up less space and energy.


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