you should learn HTML

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Why Learn HTML

If you want to create websites that look just how you want than you must learn HTML. By learning HTML it can really help you understand the basics of websites. And it can help advance your career just by knowing the basics.

Dont Think You Need HTML

If people are telling you that you dont need to learn HTML than they are either trying to sell you something or they dont understand the basics of web design. If you ask some experianced web designers some may say you can get by without it but the majority will say that you need it.

Dont Have Time to Learn HTML

If you try, you can learn the basics of HTML withing a few hours. And you could be writing your own websites within a few days. If you were to continue learning HTML then you could become very skilled over time.

Not Good At Learning Computer Languages

Well you shouldnt have very much trouble if you stick with trying to learn. HTML is one of the most basic languages, and its the first one most people learn. HTML might be time consuming to learn but that doesnt meant that you cant do it.

Isnt HTML Obsolete

No. It is true that other languages are evolving and will probably replace HTML eventually, but HTML will continue to form the basis of virtually all websites for a very long time. In any case, HTML will give you a solid grounding before taking on new languages such as XML.


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