How to make extra income this year

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My name is Jean Cherubin. I’m 18 years old and I just launch my first online business a week ago, the website is The main purpose of the website is to create extra income for regular people.

Daceband is a video sharing site where people can also share photos, blogs, sell their music and even make money by inviting their friends to the site plus It’s FREE to join. If you have friends online then this company will actually pay you just for that.

Here is how the site works:

1. Sign up for FREE!

2. Invite your friends from anywhere in the web using this incredible feature in the site

3. Earn $20 for each artist you referred to the site because artist pay $40 to join and they are able to sell their music.

4. Earn $1 for each Pro Member you referred to the site because Pro Members pay $5 to join and they earn $40 for each artist they invite and $5 for each Pro Member they referred to the site

5. Get Paid Daily via

I’m having trouble promoting my site because all my savings have gone toward creating the site and now I don’t have enough money to advertise the website. That’s why you’re I’m writing this article hoping you will somehow feature my company in one of your future articles or join my site for free. If you feature my company in one of your  articles then I will do the same and feature your business or article in the homepage of my website. Please visit my website at

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