Jamaican Orthodox Hypocrisy

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When Bruce Golding put himself forward as a candidate, he made heavy weather of not
being part of the ‘garrison’  mentality.

He indicated that his opponents were supported by gunmen, and their election was more a
matter of intimidation than free and fair voting.

This was astounding, as Golding ran from the Planet of Garrison, Tivoli Gardens, which was
created by Edward Seaga out of what had been ‘Dungle’, the City Dumps.

Seaga had build four story flats, court yards, community centres, schools, even a maternity
clinic; in short, if you lived in Tivoli you didn’t have to leave it.

Edward Seaga was, to those in Tivoli, more than their Member of Parliament. He was the
godfather who paid to bury Granny.  The Dutch Uncle who sent children to school. The
patron of the football team; in short, anyone who lived in Tivoli Gardens figuratively
worshipped Edward Seaga.

Bruce Golding succeeded him.

Hence Golding ran from the safest Jamaica Labour Party seat.  He ran in a Garrison.

Golding is not Seaga.  The people don’t like him.  They tacitly obey him because he is
the Member of Parliament, Party Leader and Prime Minister, but he has no base in

Tivoli is controlled by a strong man called ‘Dudus’, who took over from his father
‘Jim Brown.’

Dudus lives in Tivoli, controls Tivoli, and if comes between him and the Prime Minister,
the Prime Minister loses.

Dudus is wanted by the American Government.  A request for extradition has long been
made.  But Golding can’t extradite Dudus. Dudus doesn’t want to go.

If the Prime Minister of Jamaica attempted to remove Dudus from Tivoli, there would be
war, and he’d be a victim.

The United States can not understand why Dudus is not being extradited.  The documents
are in order, the evidence is cogent, and Jamaica is a signatory to extradition treaties.

If America was dealing with North Korea or Cuba or Kosovo, the refusal of the government
to extradict a wanted man would be expected.  After all, these nations are not friends of

But Jamaica?

Jamaica with its capitalistic loving Prime Minister who blathers about democracy and
law?   This dignified man in his suit and tie, holding himself up as the perfect conformist
to refuse to extradict a criminal to the United States?

Madison Avenue had a profound effect on America.  Advertising garbage as nutritious,
useless products with wild health claims,  shoddy goods held up as quality,  people believe
what they are told, not what they see.

Because Bruce paints himself as such a democratic leader and Jamaica as a democratic
state, America doesn’t realise that Jamaica is run by gangsters who contol politicians.

This is why Dudus will not be extradited and America left in confusion.


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