Reality Steve’s Bachelor 14 spoilers are good: However Jake’s final rose goes to Chris Harrison

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According to Reality Steve, the winner of the Bachelor 14 has been revealed. Can Steve actually be right? I recently just discovered reality Steve. I never really bothered reading other Bachelor spoilers or predictions. Since the Bachelor and Bachelorette started, I always went out on my limb and predicted my own predictions for the Bachelor for the fun, and suspense.

After researching Reality Steve and his past  predictions this week, I must give credit where credit is due. Last season he predicted what would happen with Jason and the Melissa/Molly situation, and also the Jillian scenario, but those were quite easy. I knew Jason was going to end up with Molly, and I also knew Jillian was going to choose Ed. Does this make me a Bachelor queen of spoilers and predictions? Absolutely not.

Reality Steve predicted this season of the Bachelor 14 quite well so far I must say, but being a Bachelor fan I have to go with my instinct and say he is wrong with the winner. The producers of the Bachelor is leaving this too easy for the fans. Why would they allow the winner of the Bachelor 14 being Vienna leaked, and not put up a fight about it? Simple, they want the fans to all think that the villain Vienna (the one all the girls hate) will be the last one standing. To the producers this would be quite a shock to the fans, and cause quite a stir. Think about it, it’s all about ratings. More drama equals higher ratings, which leads to more fans.

Let’s talk about the winner according to Reality Steve. Vienna was born in Geneva, Florida year 1986. Yes, fans this would only make her 23 years old. Quite young I feel for Jake.

Vienna has a half sister named Kayla, and a Stepmother named Lisa. Believe it or not, Vienna also has a Bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Organizational Communication, which is quite surprising. We all know from the Bachelor, Vienna was married  to her pastor’s son. After 4 years the marriage was over and she ended up eloping with a guy she never knew. Well, after that things came to end once again. Now Vienna is fighting for the love of Jake. Is she for real or a phony? At this point, I can not say for sure, because to me how Vienna is acting towards the girls is all a script.

However, I do see her being somewhat true to Jake, but there is just something about her that makes me cringe. Rumor going around about Vienna having a boyfriend at home. Could this be the scandal coming up on the Bachelor 14? I would love to this happen. It would be another Wes scandal, but with more twists to it, since Vienna is hated more than Wes was.

Reality Steve knows what he is doing, and is definitely working the Bachelor fans. However, the last rose might go to Chris Harrison, and leave Vienna standing there alone. How funny would that be?

Just picture it. Right now Jake looks very confused, and unhappy. At the final rose Bachelor 14 ceremony, Jake turns to Chris Harrison once again, and says”Do I Have To Give Out This Last Rose?” Chris tells him “No”, and Jake gives the last rose to Chris and says “ I Don’t See My Wife Out There, Will You Except This Rose Chris?” Jake will start crying, and Vienna will start mouthing off not understanding why she is still standing here with no ring proposal. That would be so funny to see. It would also be a first in Bachelor history.

I am voting for Ali still, but Gia is going to be my black-horse. Gia has come a long way and I can honestly say I can picture her being Jakes wife. Will Gia be the winner of Bachelor 14? Could be possible at this point. Read on.


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