Who Supports Pakistan and its Terror Machine?

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In spite of being aware of the fact who the culprit is, why the world seems to be mum on Pakistan’s reaction to India’s evidences. Terrorists roam around freely and terror camps run openly but everything goes hidden when
the finger is pointed in that direction. Kasab accepts his residence in Pakistan and India tracks the records of the telephonic conversations between the leaders sitting in Pakistan and the terrorists operating in Mumbai.
The whole world knows where this web of terrorism can lead us to but still maintains silence. Each and every citizen knows who the black spot is but still keeps whitening it. Now, it’s over fifty years that India has been
tolerating the double faced Pakistan’s attacks on the innocent civilians. And that is also one of the reasons which has encouraged it to spread its feathers in other nations as well. It’s astonishing that a nation gives
shelter to the face of terror instead of weeding it out to respect every nation’s peaceful cultures. What else to say when a nation removes a minister who just dares to accept the terrorist as a national of his nation thus showing
the first step towards the eradication of terrorism. We don’t need any proves , Mr. Pakistan,your acts prove themselves. We still remember the day when Mr. Zardari accepted the terrorist camps on the border of Kashmir
and how on the very next day that statemnet got changed. So, does it suggest the involvement of the officials as well? Yes, absolutely. Now, every limit has been croosed by Pakistan and it’s assurance to resolve the steaming
 tensions through talks has always been a tool to stretch the issue for as long as possible. It’s funny to hear the statements of their government officials when they warn India to devoid of military actions as that may spoil
 the present situation. I think now there’s nothing left to be talked about to such a nation where terrorism itself has become a state policy and not very far has remained the day when terrorists would start running the government
 as well. Even our Bapu would have left the hope through talks with a nation like Pakistan. It’s the time for all the nations to take action against such nations as their nationals and they themselves can become the victim someday. Not
only this, the nations providing support to the terrorist rid nations should also be warned as they also have the equal participation in encouraging the demons in the form of humans.


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