Help Your Child to Get Organized to Star The School

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What do you need to do to help your child get organized to back to school and be prepared for a successful school year; Planning ahead, doing this thing will help your child to make easier to adjust to a new schedule.

Step 1

Go to bed and get up on time: get them to start to sleep a little earlier each night, get them get up a little earlier each morning.

Step 2


Finish up any summer reading project: if you and your child make any project to read during the summer, ask them to check the progress and make a list of the books they been reading and write a sentence for each about why they liked them.

Step 3

School clothes : you may get ready the clothes for the school for them, but they can help by asking to try the last year’s clothes and make a pile of the ones that no longer fit. Organize the drawers and closet, so the dressed in the morning will be quick and easy.

Step 4


Get ready the back pack: ask them get every thing ready one night before, make them a list of what goes in the back pack (books, home work, money, crayons, pencils, paper. . .)


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