Creating lists in Microsoft office word 2007

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Organising information into lists can make it easier to you to understand. MS word 2007 contains a number of different listing features such as number, bullets and multilevel list. In this article you will learn how to create and use lists in Microsoft word 2007.

To add to a list to a document, you need to first locate the paragraph ribbon. In MS Office the layout has be completely redesigned to incorporate ribbons panels. These panels make it easier for the user to locate the specific tool they require as everything is layout in ribbons.  The list features are shown in the image below.

If you already have text on your MS word document then you highlight all the text and select the bullet or number list button. If you have no text on your document then you pressing one of these buttons and start typing.  You can add another item in the list by pressing the Enter key on the keyboard. And if you wish to stop the list you can press the Enter key twice which will make the last bullet or number list disappear.  You can also use the Backspace key to remove a list.

You can easily switch to a different style of bullet by pressing the drop down menu from the bullet or the number button as shown below. If you don’t like the buttons designs in the library, you can create your own by selecting the Define new bullet at the bottom of the window.

The third list button creates multilevel list which allows you to create nested list which are lists within list. Select this button if you wish to create multilevel lists. You can change the indent of the list by pressing the increase or decrease buttons. This will move the list further to the left or right of the page.


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