Infanta quezon? why am i here?

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I am James Wilfred S. Yambot as i always said. And i hated Infanta Quezon as i have always believed. “its not the place, its the life” as i have quoted to myself. And yes, i even posted it in my facebook account. Infanta memories which always made a small twitching feeling within me whenever i hear Infanta goes next. A swift inversion from the life you live in to another life where they live in. My things, time, friends and lifestyle gets gobbled up by Infanta`s naive existence. It halts my life clock as it traps me in an unworldly hole of simplicity. I spell Infanta as B-O-R-E-D-O-M-E

A 1 week trip to “hello me”. An adventure for the whole week which i can see placed above the dining table which actually misplaces my appetite for eating and living. I can still picture myself there reading the posted activities for the whole week. A super versatile unpredictable spontaneous remarkable cycle of waking up, chores, eating, talking to unknown natives, and discussing “their” problems. That was preety much my daily adventure would be. A day in Infanta is like a week for me, slowly deteriorating the lump of patience left in my pocket that was halved during the 6 hour travel time to Infanta. Obscurity was jamming into the entity of my head. Could i have just said “i hate infanta” let me go away? I think a dengue carrying mosquito bit me, can i go home now? Suppressed areas arent my thing can i run away? Somebody told me the Nazi`s wanted to eradicate Infanta because its cool can i go now?

Then a voice came into my mind. “Why are you here?” a cool voice which i clearly remember roughly half a year ago. Just like in the movies, everything came to me. Just without the flashy lights and super fast forwarding videos of the past. The answers and the cool answers. I was never there to observe, complain and judge them. I was there to “help”. To reach out to the timid voices beseeching for help. To care for them, to hold them, to be one with them. It might have taken quite a time before i understood the purpose of my existence there. But i have satiated my acceptance of Infanta. I was able to see what Infanta was all about. I saw where nature concealed its beauty just by walking around. I was able to a appreciate the people in Infanta. How theyre eyes glimmered with thank you`s were irreplaceable. There was more to Infanta than what i could have thought of. After the 1 week, i realized while i was there i was unconsciously weaving a bond between myself and Infanta. A bond which i would have disgusted a week ago but will significantly grasp unto as long as the Nazi`s doesnt decide to do something cool. :]


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