Most Popular IPhone Apps.

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The IPhone seems to be weathering the Android intrusion into the smart phone market, and nobody could be happier than Apple enthusiasts.  With new and exciting smart phone and tablet PC improvements and upgrades hitting the store shelves seemingly weekly, the IPhone has stayed true to it’s customers, and improves upon itself by way of making newer and better applications (apps), that in turn make the smart phone do almost miraculous things.  But, what are the best IPhone apps on the market?

The best IPhone apps on the market are basically the ones that make your life easier, from work to running a household, sports to news and movies, and traveling aids like GPS, mapping and traveling apps.  There are cooking apps, with video, audio or text recipes and instructions, and apps that make connecting with other people easier, more fun and interactive.  However, the best IPhone apps, as of mid-January, 2010, are based upon the number of downloads.

The Best IPhone apps include, but in no way are limited to;
\ itunes, quicktime, safari, work, mozilla
1)    ITunes.  The top download for the IPhone is the ITunes app.  With more and more artists signing up, and record labels seeing the new wave of marketing and sales, ITunes has increased the number of artists and songs incrementally in the past few years.  The ease of use, and the origin-based relationship between the IPhone and Itunes (owned by the same company) ensures for trouble-free and quick downloads.

2)    Quicktime.  Coming in second in downloads for the IPhone is the Quicktime media player.  With files compressed more than ever before, allowing for a much quicker download and playing time, Quicktime is the new standard for media playback on laptops and smart phones.

3)    Safari.  The third most popular app for the IPhone is the Safari Browser for 3G network smart phones, particularly the IPhone 3GS.  With 3D capability, super-fast browsing speed that surpasses most laptops when used with the 3G network, over the 2.2.1 operating system (OS) version.  You can have multiple pages open at once, and switch between them using the touch screen, or keyboard.  Google Maps can be used with the IPhone using Safari, for location-based web browsing.  The options are too many to mention, but Safari is a great, new, third-party produced web-browsing app that is revolutionizing web access through a 3G smart phone.

4)    Home And Work.  Home and Work is a great little app that allows you to organize your life, both at work and at home.  Without needing any personalization or setting up, it is ready to work for you as soon as it is downloaded.  Home and Work gives you the immediate ability to organize your life.  Shopping lists, with links to nearby stores that have the same products you are looking for, with associated prices.  Tap a contact’s name in your phone’s contact list, and instant connection is made, no need to go through the dial process.  Every aspect of home and work can be itinerated and changes can be made on the fly.

5)    Mozzila.  Mozilla FireFox for IPhone is pretty much the same as the award-winning Mozilla web browser for computers.  For those of you who use Mozilla at home, using it on your smart phone really makes sense, as your Favourites and History are included.

Choosing five, ten or even twenty of the top apps for the IPhone is a task that would bring about hundred different results when written by a hundred different people.  Basically, the best apps are the ones that make your life easier, more controllable, and make your IPhone easier to use.

However, before downloading any apps, check to see if there are any costs involved.  If there are, and you do not want to pay for an app to use your smart phone, there are similar apps out there for free that will do pretty much the same thing as the app that you are hoping to get.

Shop smart.  Shop informed.


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