E-Books “R” Us Is Unlike Anything Seen Before

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I just wanted to inform you about a company called E-Books “R” Us. They not only sells eBooks but customizes them to your exact needs or wants. Sure you can go anywhere on the web and find eBooks of everything imaginable but do they offer customizing to fit your unique request? Of Course Not!

E-Books “R” Us is much different in the sense that they hand write every eBook for every type of scenario a person can dream of. From cleaning tips to doing a flower bed and beyond, you won’t find anything out there close to this. It takes 24 hours from the time they receive your request to create your eBook. The quality is very good. It’s easy to read and easy to follow along with. The downloads are fast and easy to print.

The cost is amazing too. For less than the cost of a morning newspaper and a cup of coffee you can buy these eBooks. Every book is unique. No matter what the subject is there’s a customized written eBook for you. Say for example you wanted to know how to burn music to a disc or was planning to remodel your bathroom but wasn’t sure where to start or even how to go about it. Well this is where E-Books “R” Us comes in. You simply send that request to their email and give them 24 hours.

 Then you get a return notice saying your book is done and you need to call for payment approval. Once your credit card is approved you get your customized eBook sent to your email inbox as a PDF file attachment. It takes normally less than a minute to send. From there you download the file and print it out. It’s that easy to do. Inside the books you find pictures, tools needed, and a material list to help make your project go easier. Other guides vary depending on the requests. Meanwhile while your eBook is being sent you stay on the phone until you receive it.

Final note: There is one down side to all this. Because of the low cost of these EBooks this company has an “as is” policy. It means when you buy it there are no refunds only exchanges. They do this to keep cost low in order to save the other customers money. Most will not worry about this or let that deter them from buying these wonderful hand crafted eBooks. I mean where else are going to go and find exactly what you are needing.

Also, there is no way at this time to order from their site it’s self. Due to the fact each EBook is designed for the customer’s different needs. This is why they ask for all requests to be sent in to their email because each request is customized for that single individual. Over all it’s a good company that’s just starting out. I have no doubt as they grow this will be a force to be recon with. Competition beware, E-Books “R” Us are gunning for you…..



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