Mother’s Unconditional Love

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If there’s one important person in our lives that we should thank for that would be our mother because she was the only one who carriedus for nine months in her womb and when we were born she was the most happiest person in the whole world and would give her time and devotion to us until her last breath so we should learn to appreciate her even in the most simplest way just by expressing our love and saying “thank you” would make her heart jump a million times.

Most children were attached to their mothers maybe because she’s the only one who give unconditional love and that’s unexplainable and no one can measure that. They say that our mother is the only person who could give and provide unconditional love because she’s not expecting anything in return what’s important is she gave her all for her loved child no question at all. There are times that most of us commit mistakes and yet though the world is against us at the end of the day our mother is the one who protects us from all the danger and though we admit that we really did something wrong still she never question us because they loved us and that’s the essence of a mother to give unconditional love that no one can replace.

In my case, I must say that I’m not a perfect daughter and though it’s disappointing my mother still supports me all the time and according to her whatever makes me happy she’ll definitely support me because she loves me and because of that I realized that I should make my life worth to proved to her that I can succeed in life so I’ll make her happy and contented.


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