The company’s not ready to cybercrimes

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Many organizations focus their attention to occasional hackers and porn blocker, although they should focus more on higher threats of professional cyber criminals. The survey, which took place last year, was interviewed 523 IT and security managers, top executives and law enforcement personnel. This study indicated that the greatest threat it poses hackers. From their somewhat lagged behind the domestic and foreign companies. It is believed that such a location due to the fact that most of the hackers is heard and the easiest to detect. 

However, the report, supported by the company Deloitte and conducted by CSO Magazine, U.S. Secret Service and “CERT” focal point, it is argued that the same people criminals and organized criminal syndicates using sophisticated techniques that can do much more damage. “We believe that cybercrime growth outpaced other cyber security threats. Cyber crimes occur much more frequently, and they pose a far greater threat than my respondents – the report says. – In fact, lead to significant potential benefits, cyber criminals is based on innovation and technology that have outpaced the traditional security models, and many of the current signature-detection technology. ” 

It is not always the best solution to this problem is for a lot of money. Almost half of respondents indicated that they were last year’s IT Security Division 100 000 or more dollars, but many organizations have lost sight of simple and inexpensive measures such as codes of correct programs, access analysis, privileges restrictions, password expiry and former employees access to termination. The study also found the expected relationship between crime and cyber-threats such as terrorism, industrial espionage and foreign intelligence services.

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