Great Body Weight Exercise – Hindu Push-up

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Hindu pushups are a fantastic exercise that are a little more challenging than the normal push-up.  Hindu push-ups are a much more dynamic exercise.

Not only do they work your chest but they work your shoulders and triceps as well.  They tire me out much quicker than regular push-ups.  Regular push-ups do not necessarily get my heart rate up but Hindu push-ups do.  They can be used as a conditioning exercise and not merely a strength building exercise.

So how do you perform them? Here is how you perform Hindu pushups:

  • From a standing position with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders place your palms flat on the floor several feet in front of your feet.  Your feet should also be wider than your shoulders.  Your arms and legs should be straight.  You should in essence look like a giant inverted V.
  • Without bending your legs lower your upper body towards the floor in sort of a swooping motion.  You want to get as close to the ground as possible (nearly grazing your nose on the floor).  As you swoop through you will begin to push your upper body back up into and upward dog (for all you yoga fans) position.  Once you have reached this position, return to the original starting position.  You do not swoop down through on the way back to the starting position.  That would be known as a dive bomber push-up (another great exercise).

I would shoot for 3 sets of 15 – 20 reps to start.  If you find this easy then increase the reps.  Enjoy.


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