The Best Cleaning Substance to remove hard stains and Grease patches on your household items – Tamarind

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If you are really having a hard time removing stains on your steel or household items and are tired of using all the removers, then let me tell you about a very useful substance available in our kitchen which would help us removing any hard stains or patches on any of the items {ranging from a football cup you won in your early days to all kitchen utensils and any items made of steel and iron, a bicycle too}

It is Tamarind, the ingredient used in cooking in some parts of the world.

Purchase little Tamarind from your grocery store and rub it against the hard stains or grease stains on your cycle or any item which has become too old to look.

Start rubbing over the stains with tamarind for few minutes until the patch or stains are removed.

After rubbing it all over, clean the item with water, if it is any electronic accessory with steel on it , use a wet cloth .

{Caution: do not use this to clean your mobile phone}

I hope it would show better results based on the amount of time you spent on rubbing it .

Don’t use much tamarind …. a small piece is enough .. if the stain is big enough for example a bicycle … you should probably spend an hour on rubbing it.

Thank you.

Keshav Kuruva


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