Facebook… Things people don’t normally think of.

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Since society has developed into this “reality” crazed obsession of each and every individual on this bloody planet needing to know whos’ doing what with who and where….and how…We have probably created the most powerful social phenomena as of yet.

Think about it!

Before Facebook, Myspace, and any other social networking sites came about it was fairly easy to obtain information about someone or something over the Internet. Now, since sites like Myspace and Facebook have become integrated into daily activities of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe the amount of information that we “advertise” about ourselves on the net has gradually increased over the years to an explosive amount….At the beginning we would post small bits of information like “I hope I pass my exam today!” or “I am having a pretty bad day” amongst others various items that people post such as pictures and video!

The problem… Followed by my advice…

Facebook is the armpit of the internet when people whine about their day or post something dramatic constantly to gain the “spotlight” of fellow friends.

My Advice…

If your going to post something don’t change a status every thought or every action that you have. Instead, post items gradually and pretend that your “friends” are your readers and you are an author…you don’t want to give the whole book away  do you?

The BIGGEST problem…and My advice.

By sharing your phone number, street address…various pictures and so forth you are making it EXTREMELY easy to obtain information about you. And you must be saying right now…”Well I have privacy settings on so….. only my friends can see my most important information”. I have some news for you… THAT DOESN”T MATTER. I am saying this with knowledge of Computers and related equipment of 10+ years. It truely is easy to get information.

Now, considering how many people use facebook it truely doesn’t matter. I have come across some people that have well over 1500 friends… 1500 FRIENDS!!!!! How the –BEEP– is that possible? Think of it this way if 1 in 5 people wanted to know your most intimate details (and trust me, some do.) and you have 1500 friends and if my calculations are correct 300 out of the 1500 already have or are going to want too obtain information about you in the near future. I admit some information is good and others are bad depending upon what it is and who is handling it. If you happen to be in the music business for example the exposure could benefit you. However, if you post I live at 123 COMEGETME Road, Victimville, SOGONNAREGRETOPIA. Then you have a problem. That type of information should never be posted on the net. NEVER! ( inless your a business)

Kinda scary really.

You don’t need to post everything on the net. Go out and socialize first hand with people.


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