Taking charge of your life.

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What are YOU waiting for? Sometimes the words come at you like a slap in the face. Sometimes you really listen, really let them sink in. What are you waiting for? Like the wonderful Dr. Seuss Book “Oh the places you’ll go”, you don’t realize that you’ve been stuck in the “waiting place”. Waiting for someday to make your life better. Waiting for a raise, waiting for a new boyfriend, a better time to move ,waiting for the kids to get older, etc.”

I’m guilty of “D”- all of the above and I’ll bet that you are too.

In reading Jack Canfield’s book “The Success Principles” recently, chapter 1 tells it plain and simple–each of us is 100% entirely responsible for the choices we make and the thoughts we think. We can choose to be positive or choose to be negetive. We can complain about the wind, the sun , the rain…or smile and embrace the changes. It is US who stay at jobs we don’t like, stay in a bad relationship,stay home when we want to be away. No one is holding a gun at us telling us to do this or that. The choices we make are not right or wrong, they are simply choices. However, it is wise to remember that since we have that fantastic ability to make a choice, we can choose change! We can choose a new job, choose to sell the house, to end a marriage, to backpack across Europe.
We can choose to do things that make our lives innately better and filled with more joy.
For the longest time I have wanted to move to a new state. Is it a case of “the grass is greener”? I don’t know. But instead of focusing on NOT being where I think I’d like to be, I have made the choice to accept my decision to stay where I am NOW and to enjoy it. Knowing that I have CHOSEN to stay suddenly puts the responsibility on ME and only ME so I am choosing to embrace my decision. Sure, I’ll probably move one day, but for now I CHOOSE to live on Long Island and enjoy the beauty of the beaches around me, and my wonderful friends and family here.

Back to the waiting game….so many people are waiting for that big change. But when we realize that we can control our lives, that we co-create our days, then we can choose to NOT wait and rather to take action toward a goal. If you want a book published, you have to write and send it to publishers. If you want to make more money, you have to spend more (quality) time working your business. If you want more excitement in your life, you have to pursue your passions…take classes, go on vacations, revel in all the gorgeous nature around you!

Don’t wait for anything, grab the bull by the horns, and start taking charge of your destiny. You can start right now by changing your attitude and living in appreciation of all you have, From there, the sky is the limit!


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