The Science of Eating Breakfast Cereal

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With loose cereal I will shove my hand into the box and grab a handful and put it into the bowl but at least one flake, cereal ball or whatever always seems to manage to bounce off the bowl or escape from the packet or my hand onto the floor. Cereal biscuits are prone to flaking and like trying to abolish dust; I try, but always end up with bits all over.

The pouring out of the box is the worst as this seems to encourage velocity and makes the bouncing more intense and the steering of the box itself is something I have never mastered, the contents seem to enjoy using any cardboard flaps as springboards, this is without the crumbs and escapees that make the box their home outside the greaseproof bag and organise dispersal all over the floor and kitchen top. Another problem with the pouring from the box method is that it leaves me with a judgement of force problem, I start shaking gently and the contents refuse to budge, the shaking I increase by increments, half the box then pours into the bowl and overflows with bits all over.

The cereal is in my bowl now, if preferred a spoon full of sugar is applied and again the granules like to bounce all over the place or my aim is bad and that goes all over the kitchen top too, stickiness from jam and sugar and sugary things is a pet hate and I have to clear it up before applying milk to the cereal. Finally I eat the cereal, milk dribbling down my chin.

Having lived and worked with the tidy I still stand in awe of the lines of shoes, neatly folded clothes, shelves of books, bar charts, lists, reports, pristine kitchen and general order that I observe. When I have a purge two hours later its all back in a mess, gremlins or poltergeist that’s what it is.


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