Your beautiful self

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Is there something, which has more worth than your beautiful self? Our spiritual preceptor and Meditation guide asked us in a gathering as to why we tend to think ourselves in negative terms? He made us laugh by citing one experience from the leaves of his book of occurrences of his very life, which has gone through vicissitudes.

One day one human being was found to be praying with a very concentrated mind. Eyes closed, hands in the pose of reverence, he was mumbling something not audible. Well everybody who saw the person thought he could be chanting the hymns in Sanskrit. As he finished he rose after finishing a prostration before the idol of the God and proceeded towards the exit of the temple. He saw beggars demanding their booties on the auspicious day of the week.

 Ah, our Guru posed as a beggar there and extended his arm towards the man. The man took a coin out of his pocket and held it out towards him. 

“What is this? Give at least five hundred or thousand bucks”-.My Spiritual teacher said, demanding.

 The man just out of the bliss of prayer appeared perplexed. At the instant, his eyes flashed with anger.

 “Are you mad? Being a beggar you demand thousand rupees”—the religious man shouted.

 “But who would be a better beggar than you? Just before a few minutes, you begged many things sitting before the statue of God, such as a bride-groom for the marriage of your daughter, a house for yourself, a good job for your unemployed Engineer son. You beg for millions but you are angry with me as I demand only five hundred or thousand rupees.”- Our Master retorted.

 Again the man’s temper hit the ceiling.

 “How dare you scoundrel?”- He screamed as his hand landed on the left cheek of our Guru.

 The man shivering in anger was dragged away by his wife, while our Guru fell on the street, his face bruised and swollen from beating. The man moved along with his spouse in his motor-bike .His wife while pillion riding posed a question- “Did you pray and say the desires of your heart in a loud voice.”

 The man said a distinct “No”. The wife was puzzled as she asked -’then how could this man know what you said to God. Indeed he was no where near you when you prayed.”

 The man reacted with a jerk as he heard this. His bike came to a halt with a screech as he braked. “Yes really, how could he know when I said all my desires to God in silence?” At this, his wife started sobbing –“whom did you beat? Why do you lose your temper so often and easily? He might be a God-send or a black magician, capable of doing us more harm. Let’s go back and see.”- She said in tears.

 Now the man took a U-turn. He reached the temple and asked about the man whom he had just beaten. On learning that the man who got the beating was a “Sadhu” who stayed nearby, his wife cried in a more desperate voice.

 “Oh God, please forgive my man for his sins.”-She said, blaming her man. Both reached the monastery while the discourse was on and Guru was speaking with eloquence. The man and wife repented and fell flat at his feet, praying for pardon.

 Our Guru said to the gathering present there-“Just see him and his wife. This man was praying with such a forged bliss of mind before one hour. I slightly provoked him for which he beat me.

 In a fraction of a second his blissful mind went into turmoil. Then he went away and he must have realized his mistake on the way. Now he is repenting”.

Actually our Spiritual preceptor explained as to how thoughts enacted three states of mind in one hour. Bliss, fiery temper and repentance, being three contradictory states of mind in such a short span of time invariably bring what? Those only bring miseries.

Miseries range from material, physical and mental.

 So the root cause of this is our desires. Unconsciousness results only in the presence of desires. We dance on the wild waves of thoughts of anger, lust, greed, attachment, egotism by virtually staying in a state of inebriated ness, which Spiritual masters describe as unconsciousness. Such a state paves our way to hell. It makes our life a living hell.

 There we forget our BEAUTIFUL SELF.  So be conscious that we are the creations of God. By adding up a bit of consciousness to all the good or bad things we do, we can be totally transformed.

 I owe my most to the Spiritual master of Shiridi, very well-known as Shiridi’s Sai baba.

I quote below a few lines from the Spiritual treatise which he gave to his disciples when most of them only wanted only material boons from him.

SAI explains in SAI SATCHARITRA-“Even the knowledge of a well read man is who is not free from the desire of the reward of his actions, is futile and can not help him in getting self realization. The teachings of a Guru are of no use to a man who is full of egoism and who always thinks of the sense objects. Purification of mind is absolutely necessary, without it all our spiritual endeavors are nothing, but useless show of pomp”.

 A purified mind is also a conscious mind that can help us achieve our goal.

 Srikanta Mohanty,MBA (Symbiosis),

HIG-1/60, BDA COLONY, Bhubaneswar.


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