Gandhi has to come again

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Recently, while sharing a journey to one ‘ashram’ for a three days sojourn, I was curiously listening to the talks among other fellows. One person was narrating about his family. “My son threatened to kill me”- He said-“I was so helpless. Being under his constant demand and threat, I had to buy a motor-bike for him. Now-a-days, he even demands more.”

 These days a television ad says-“Please stop family violence”.

Bapu, our beloved Gandhiji fought a life long battle against violence. Since his death in 1948, we were very swift in disposing off his principles about non-violence. Indeed the post-independent India endorsed violence as a very expressive and creative medium. It manifested itself in our social conditions. Keep watching all the super-hit films in the last decades; you can understand the gradual evolution of violence in our social conditions and in the films as well.

 “Do you mean violence plays it’s most dominant role only in riots, robberies, killings outside our homes? Please think again.”

 Now-a-days, in the helter-skelter of living, hardly any one has time to go to a Police station and see through the cases lodged there. Six out of ten such cases belong to the incidents in the families. The instances of such cases would definitely be beating of a hapless wife by a demanding husband, forceful money taking from a father by the son, dowry torture, suicides etc…etc. The sub-inspector of Police scratched his head while explaining this – “Money plays the most pivotal role in all these cases, Sir”.

 One day we were moved by the narration of   such incident by a very well settled man in our locality. He called his son ‘a demon’. The boy was found to be of a very abnormal psychology for his angry moods and unnatural behavior towards his parents. He very often intimidated his parents and even resorted to beating and calling their names.

Just imagine a boy studying in eighth standard in a public school can beat his father and mother black and blue? The reasons of such ghastly things are the social mores; competition to bring himself at par with others in living standards.” Give me that else I shall throttle you to death”.-The boy told his parents.

 The other instance of such social more is dowry, given in the marriage. Every day we hear about some new course in education and the lucrative job offers therein. But however qualified a boy may be, he wants more in dowry. The reason is self actualization. He thinks he is worth that much of dowry by his qualifications, job and family background. If he has not got that then the results we see in the horror stories published in the newspapers.

 I was wonderstruck to hear a spiritual observation by my Guru-spiritual master. He said to me in one his finest discourses, that “tiger is not a violent animal”. The truth behind this pierced my heart. Everybody might have observed in television shows, a tiger running at full speed behind a prey and killing it with equal ferocity. My Guru said it can not be termed as violent behavior. Killing an animal and gorging it with relish is an essential thing for the survival of the tiger. Similarly one can not describe a horse eating grass by uprooting it with its teeth by force from the earth is a violent behavior.

 But what happens to human-beings? Being in possession of food, shelter, clothes, we always tend to seek more. Such hankering for more creates an attitude of competing with others. The result: violence towards the very hands which feed you by making unreasonable demands.

Bapu, built up of this county’s foundations on the principles of non violence. But now, let alone the society and country there is unbelievable violence in the families. We read in newspapers a mother killed her three daughters by poisoning them, a father beat to death his two sons over a quarrel for money.

We are stunned by such macabre things in life. We pray in silence-” Oh Bapu, please come back and lead us the right way”.

 Srikanta Mohanty, MBA (Symbiosis)

HIG-1/60, Kapila Prasad BDA colony, Bhubaneswar-751002


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