Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $20

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Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holiday in the calendar. When the last week of January is approaching, I know it’s time to look for a gift for your love ones.

On this article, I will going to share a possible five (5) Valentine’s Day gift worth $20 below.

1. Flowers – I know this is a little bit obvious but for $10 you will be able to make your love ones smile.

Cost: $10-$15.

2. Chocolates– Old fashion eh? Remember chocolates always sell. Who does not love chocolates? Ferrero Rocher chocolates anyone? A boxed and nicely wrapped Ferrero Rocher only costs less than $10.

Cost: Less than $10.

3. Bracelets – This one will apply to anyone. It does not need to have a 24K Diamond or a Gold, a simple bracelet with a special way of presenting it will make this gift a top of the list when it comes to surprising your love one. A bracelet can usually cost you less than $20.

Cost: Less than $20.

4. Love Bear – Who doesn’t love teddy bear from someone you love? A Love Bear costs only $20.

Cost: $20.

5. Dinner Date – No, you don’t have to go to a fancy place to make your love one happy. Just go to your nearest grocery store and buy ingredients for your dinner entre. Cooking skill is optional. In $20, you’ll be able to make a dinner for two. Trust me.

Cost: $20.

Those sweet gifts are only for suggestions. If you really want to make your love ones’ Valentine’s Day special, you need to improvise and be unique, as long as it comes from your heart and leave the rest to Cupid.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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