Tips on Keeping Your Hair Color Vibrant

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There are a few tricks to learn before you buy that box of color.

Determine What Color You Want

Do you want to ad just a few highlights? By adding just a few highlights you can make a big difference in your hair. Just pull a few strands of hair through a frosting cap and apply the highlights. Most frosting caps are sectioned off and have marked holes to mark the area of your head to highlight.

Color Does Not Lift Color

What this means is if you already have color on your hair and you want to go lighter, you MUST lighten your hair by bleaching it first and then applying the color you want. This can be tricky, and I suggest unless you have done it before with successful results, you make an appointment with a licensed stylist.

Deposit Only

If you have damaged hair, and want to tone or go darker, you can look for color that is deposit only. These are usually temporary colors or semi-permanent colors that last for only a few weeks, or fade away after a few shampoos. There is no lift or bleach involved. It only deposits color onto the hair strand.

Use Professional Products

It’s best if you use professional products to color or highlight your hair. Try purchasing your products from a beauty supply. Sally’s Beauty Supply will sell professional products to the public, and you don’t have to have a cosmetology license to shop there. They usually employee professional stylists who are able to answer any questions you may have about products.

Follow Directions

If the directions say to leave color on for 30 minutes, don’t leave it on for 40. It can damage or even cause serious injury to your scalp if you don’t follow directions. Always mix the product as it states in the directions. If you have not used a particular product before, it’s best to do a test strand to make sure you are not allergic. If you are not sure about how to color your hair at home, make an appointment with a salon. It’s better to safe than sorry!


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