How to Deal With A Cancer Diagnosis

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When faced with a cancer diagnosis time is of the essence.  Cancer is probably one of the worst things that a person will be forced to face within their lifetime.  Cancer is a deadly disease that needs to be treated accordingly in order to increase the chances of recovery.

 There are several steps that you should take when receiving a cancer diagnosis.  First, you need to get all the facts about your disease and discuss the treatment options with your physician.  In addition, after you receive all the facts about your disease it is important to go through a series of blood work and testing.  Once you receive your test results you may consider another opinion.

 When faced with any cancer diagnosis, it is important to at least get a second opinion.  Two opinions are always better than one.  However, keep in mind cancer is a disease that can grow quickly so time is of the essence.  You should make an appointment with another doctor for your second opinion within two weeks. 

 Once you have a consultation with the second physician, you should be ready to make your decision about surgery and treatment options within a few weeks.  In addition, you could even have your second doctor speak with your original physician in an attempt to come with solutions or alternatives to treating your cancer.

 If you do have surgery and chemo, it is important that you follow your doctors orders as far as taking required medication, resting and eating properly.  Some cancers are curable and some are not.  However, you have to at least try every possible option in an attempt to save your life.


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