How to feed Pigeon

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Pigeon is a wonderful that may suit for your garden. Caring the bird is not difficult. A common people can care this bird easily. Pigeon is not fussy eater, It like any seed. A breeder said that the bird like rice too.

If you want feed them, you can follow these steps.

1. Facilitate the cage with food dish and water dish. You can put large food dish if you care the bird outside the cage.

2. Give them various seed like corn, peanut, red rice, paddy, sorghum, millet, etc. You can mix some seed to it. A pigeon needs half kilograms or a pound food in a week.

3. Pigeon need calcium so you can give them grit. Some breeder give small rock to the pigeon. It is useful to help pigeon digestion.

4. You may give pigeon pellet to this bird especially when hen pigeon care baby. The pigeon will be easy to digest the pellet an milking it to the chick.

Feed pigeon twice a day (morning and afternoon)

Keep the pigeon seed at dry place. Fungus is easy to grow at corn and it is dangerous to your pigeon.

Also Keep the seed at closed basin. some insect might break the pigeon seed.

The food and water dishes should be clean.

Mixed seed is the best food for pigeon because it contains various food that has various nutritious.

If you want keep the seed at warehouse, you have to dry the seed.

If we care the pigeon outside the cage, we can decrease few portion of seed. The pigeon may find the seed at the garden.

photo by : internets_dairy


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