How to feed rabbit

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Rabbit nice pet that is very funny. Caring this pet is very difficult for beginner. Sometimes the beginner does not know how to feed the Rabbit. They give the vegetable that is not suit with rabbit stomach and it make the rabbit diarrhea. Some beginner also put too much vegetables so the rabbit sick.

You should follow these step to feed rabbit :

1, Provide them with food dish and water silo.

2. Feed them with fresh vegetable like lettuce, leafy, parsley, mustard green, and others.A four lbs or 2 kg rabbit need at least a cup of food. Some breeder also feed rabbit with fruit. they give one or two slice fruit. The fruit that can be eat by rabbit is apple, blueberries, melon, orange, papaya, pear, pineapple, raspberry, and plums.

3. Give the rabbit pellet. pellet contain various food. For the adult, you should choice hay based pellet. Small rabbit need 15%-16% protein, meanwhile, the larger rabbit need 16% – 20% protein.

4.   You can give hay to rabbit too especially in the winter when we difficult to get fresh vegetable. Dried some grass for rabbit’s as their food reserves.

Feed the rabbit twice a day (morning and afternoon).

Clean the food or water dishes periodically. Do not let the dishes dirty because it make your rabbit sick.

The vegetable for rabbit : alfalfa, basil, bit greens, Brussels sprout, Cilantro, Dandelion, green papers, carrots, escarole, top radish, raspberry leaves,radicchio, and others.

Some bunnies does not like hay; therefore, you need to introduced the young with hay. THey will like the hay when they are big.


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