How To Keep Your Wood Burning Fireplace Clean and Functioning properly

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If you have a wood-burning fireplace it is important to keep it clean and working properly.  Professional fireplace cleaning companies do a great job however; it can end up being quite costly to the consumer.  It is recommended that you have your fireplace cleaned annually to prevent fire and keep it in working condition.

 You will probably pay in upwards of $100 or more to have your fireplace professional cleaned.  However, there are alternatives to professional cleaning and they will cost you a great deal less money.

 You can purchase fireplace cleaning logs which do an excellent job cleaning your fireplace and will cost you about $50.  You can purchase these logs at local retailers.  Basically, it is as simple as purchasing cleaning logs and lighting the two ends with a match and then allows the log to do its job.  Typically, cleaning logs will take about two hours to fully clean your fireplace.

 When the fireplace-cleaning log is finished, you should wipe off any excess residue left inside the fireplace such as ash or soot.  Remember, it is critical that you keep the fireplace clean, allowing dirt and soot to gather inside the fireplace can result in a serious fire hazard. 

 Fireplaces can be beautiful and they add great detail and character to any room.  However, like anything else they need proper maintenance.  Poor fireplace maintenance can increase the risk of malfunction and fire.  In addition, if the fireplace becomes clogged you run the risk of the smoke backing up intot he hous eand damaging the walls and furniture.


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