How to Order a Birth Certificate Online

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Birth certificates are important documents needed to prove your identity in many instances. Obtaining a birth certificate can be a difficult and long, drawn-out process at traditional government agencies. If you happen to reside in a different state than the one in which you were born and you cannot travel there to obtain one, then that difficulty is increased. Thanks to modern technology, the process of obtaining a birth certificate is made easier online where you may order them from various companies for a fee. Plus, it is certainly a lot easier than traditional methods.

Things You’ll Need

Email account

Debit/credit card

Step 1

Navigate to a website that allows you to order your birth certificate online, such as “Vital Chek” (See References).

Step 2

Click on “Place and Order” and select the type of order you would wish to place, “Birth Certificate” before clicking “Continue.”

Step 3

Provide as much information as possible requested by the website to locate your records, such as your name, parents’ names and the county in which the person was born; providing complete information could greatly reduce the time it takes to locate your birth certificate.  

Step 4

Input the address where you would your order sent before typing in your email address and debit/credit card information and clicking “Submit” to have your order processed.


The order confirmation page will contain an estimated processing time for your order.


Processing times varies upon the shipping method you selected and the location and availability of the government agency that holds your birth certificate. 


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