Top 5 Resorts For Winter Sports

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1. Are, Sweden

Are village is the only ski resort in Sweden with a genuine Alpine atmosphere. The cable car takes you directly up to the top of the mountain and you can ski all the way down to the square. The range of pistes covers everything from advanced skiing on demanding slopes to relaxed skiing on easy slopes.

If you are a keen shopper you can find all the latest trendy gear and the ski service here is top class. There are many restaurants, some ten on or around the square alone, offering delicious and characteristic food from all over the world. There is nightlife for any taste, every night and one of the largest stages in the mountains presents the best Swedish artists.

Lillehammer / Hafjell – Norway

Lillehammer hosted The Olympic Winter Games in 1994, and is known for old farms, a modern town centre and surrounding alpine skiing resorts. Lillehammer is one of Norway’s oldest winter sports destinations. The Olympic town is surrounded by good alpine and cross-country possibilities.

The wide variety of alpine slopes at Hafjell provide a diverse range of skiing challenges. The alpine facility is not about crisscrossing slopes, but about long and fast continuous runs. Due to the advanced and comprehensive on-site snow-making facilities, Hafjell is a resort with reliable snow and skiing conditions throughout the entire winter ski season. All the slopes at the resort lead to the same final destination at the bottom of the hill – simple and easy.

3. Chamonix Mont-Blanc – France

High mountain scenery, the sheer beauty of which will take your breath away, majestic ice falls and glaciers, one of Europe’s highest cable cars, cog railways that take you on a journey through time, a beautiful alpine town, witness to 250 years of mountaineering history, traditional villages and hamlets scattered along the 20km long valley and above all a heart and soul, beating to the rhythm of all those that live and love Chamonix.

4. Cortina d’Ampezzo – Italy

Cortina d’Ampezzo is the most charming ski resort in Italy, near the north-eastern border with Austria. The village, boasting a thousand-year old remarkable historical background, has nearly 7,000 inhabitants. It attracts visitors from all over the world for its lively international atmosphere, its fashionable shops, and excellent restaurants. It is surrounded by forests and wide ski slopes, below the towering craggy red rock mountains. It offers something for everyone and most keen skiers will be willing to visit it.

5. Portillo – Chile

The Portillo ski and resort experience is unlike that of any other commercial ski resort in Chile and abroad. There is no neighboring town, meaning Portillo is totally self-contained, much like a cruise ship nestled in the magnificent Andean peaks. Your skiing experience in Chile will surely be unforgettable.

But Portillo is not just for skiing or snowboarding, socializing and relaxing, it is also for renovating and restoring the body and mind in a natural environment that is nothing less than spectacular. Portillo has been South America’s premier destination ski resort for more than 50 years, internationally famous for its majestic, Andean setting and powder snow. If there is a temple for ski sports in Chile, Portillo is it.


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