How to Make an Avatar Website

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Avatars are icons that computer users use to represent themselves on the Internet without having to expose their real-life photos to the world. Avatar websites are websites that create avatars and host them on their website for the public use. Essentially, an avatar website makes and provides avatars for people who do not know how to make avatars or do not want to take the time to make them. Avatars are extremely popular on social networking sites and forums, so an avatar website has the potential to generate substantial traffic and, consequently, substantial ad profits.

Things You’ll Need


Domain name

Web host

Notepad (optional)

Dreamweaver (optional)

Microsoft FrontPage (optional)

Step 1

Create several avatars to host on your website. You can create these in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or another image editing software. Even a simple Paint application will suffice for creating avatars. Generally, avatars are small square icons approximately 100 pixels in width and 100 pixels in height. They are usually pictures that contain text.

Step 2

Purchase a domain name, which will be the web address of your website and what is used to identify it on the Internet. A domain name usually pertains to the subject matter. Therefore, a domain name for an avatar website could contain the keyword “avatar” in its address. Numerous companies offer low-cost domain names, such as Yahoo and Go Daddy.

Step 3

Sign up for a web host, which is the company that will host the files to your website by giving your website space on their web server. You already have a web address, but you must have a web host to upload your files to the Internet for web browsers to view. There are a variety of web hosting companies, some of which are cheap and others of which are quite expensive, depending upon the quality of the service and features offered. A more expensive service is better for users who have no html knowledge, as they provide website creation aids. Web hosts that cost only one dollar per month generally require the webmaster to do all of the html and coding himself.

Step 4

Write your own web pages with html or use the provided web site creation aids provided by your web host if your host provides them. You can also use a website creation programs such as Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage to assist you in creating the layout and design of your website. If you are proficient in html, you can simply write your own codes in a simple Notepad file.

Step 5

Upload your html web page files to your web host by clicking “Browse” within your web hosting dashboard and selecting the files to upload. You can also use a FTP program to upload numerous files to your web hosting account at one time.


Make animated avatars by using a gif creator program to build your avatars.


Do not forget to upload your avatar images to your web hosting account to ensure that they are hosted on the Internet. Moreover, also make sure you link to them from your website so users can access them.


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