How to Learn English for Free

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English is the most spoken language in the world, so knowing it definitely adds to your communication skills and makes you more marketable business-wise as well. There are numerous ways to learn the English language. Traditionally, you could either pay for a tutor or English class or purchase expensive language instruction software. However, now, thanks to modern technology, you can learn English easier than ever online completely free while saving both time and money as you gain an invaluable skill.

Things You’ll Need


Step 1

Go to the “Interesting Things for ESL Students” website, which offers tools for beginners, such as vocabulary work, grammar and vocabulary quizzes, slang, pronunciation, podcasts, songs, jokes, text readings and much more. Explore all the links within the site to begin learning English.

Step 2

Check out the “Activities for ESL Students” website, which offers different English learning difficulty levels. Click on “Easy” to begin and utilize the bilingual quizzes for your language versus English, which is an extremely helpful learning tool. Also watch the video podcasts and listen to the audio podcasts to learn correct English pronunciation.

Step 3

Learn English via the “English Club” website. Go to the English chat room to practice writing in the English language. Refer to the gallery if you are more of a visual learner and learn best with pictures.

Step 4

Load the “Talk English” website, which offers many different innovative types of English lessons tailored specifically to subject areas of interest, such as travel English lessons and business English lessons. If you need to learn English in order to communicate in the business world, these two links would more quickly prepare you for the types of phrases you will need to know to do just that.

Step 5

Try the “To Learn English” website to find printable grammar worksheets and exercises to help you improve your English grammar skills. This website includes helpful information about nouns, verbs and sentence structure that is essential to writing in English and will deepen your understanding of the English language.


Enlist the aid of an English-speaking friend as well to help teach you English.


Ensure that you understand all of the concepts correctly so that you do not incorrectly learn the language.


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