How to Filet Fish

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There are different ways people filet fish, and each one will work, but this is the easiest way to do it. The first thing you need is a sharp knife with which to filet. This is perhaps the most important tool that you require to filet fish. You can use any flat surface to work on, but it is easiest to use a filet board with a clip on it. This will secure the tail of the fish to hold it in place while you work. A filet board is relatively cheap and can be purchased at most department stores. This method of fileting will work on any type of fish as well.

Things You’ll Need

Filet knife (sharpened well)

Filet board or flat surface cutting board (e.g. wood or plastic cutting board)

Knife sharpener (optional)


Put the fish on the surface; if using a clip, put the tail under the clip to hold it in place.

Start at the tail and cut toward the head, holding the knife perfectly flat along the backbone of the fish until you reach the front fin or gill area.

Cut off the first filet, turn the fish over and secure it in the clip again.

Filet the second side and cut it off the fish.

Repeat until all your fish are cut, and all you have are the fillets.

Now you are ready to skin each filet. Starting at the tail end of the filet, hold the knife as flat as you can and cut toward the fat end of the filet in one smooth motion.

Repeat until each filet is skinned.

Trim the rib bones from your filets after they are all skinned.


Remember that the key to successful fish fileting is a sharp knife.

Dispose of your fish remains by burying them so that the stink will permeate your garbage can or yard. If you have a garden, you can bury the fish alongside it to provide natural fertilizer for your soil.


Be sure to trim the bones from your filets; otherwise, you might bite into a bone when you cook the fish, which nobody wants to do and which can be harmful as well, causing you to choke.


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