How to File a Legal Bankruptcy Online

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Filing a bankruptcy is one way to eliminate your debt. Traditionally, when you wanted to file for bankruptcy, you had to file through the court system yourself with trips to the court house or hire an attorney to do the legwork for you. Now, thanks to modern technology, you can file a legal bankruptcy online quickly and easily with the assistance of an attorney.

Things You’ll Need

Bankruptcy forms



Step 1

Obtain and fill out the appropriate forms for the type of bankruptcy you are filing (See Resources). Use your records of your past due bills, tax returns, bank statements, paystubs, mortgages and car loans for the past six months to completely list every debt that you owe on your bankruptcy petition. It is important to complete the petition fully and accurately.

Step 2

Have an attorney file your prepared paperwork for you online via PACER Service Center (See References). Be prepared to pay a filing fee and convenience charge for this service.

Step 3

Prepare to present yourself in court when you are served a hearing date. Although you filed online, you still must present yourself in court to state your case. You may go alone or have an attorney accompany you.


Some courts require different documents when filing for a bankruptcy, so check with your court’s specific requirements prior to filing.


Only an attorney can electronically file a legal bankruptcy online. That’s why you must prepare the paperwork and pay an attorney to file it electronically for you.


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