How to Download Ringtones to a Touch Pro

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The Touch Pro is designed by HTC and is a smartphone that features a QWERTY keyboard and touch phone technology. As with any cell phone, the Touch Pro allows users to customize their phones to suit their personal tastes and preferences, including by downloading ringtones onto them. You can simply and easily download ringtones to a Touch Pro in the same manner as downloading ringtones to any cell phone with a simple ringtone download text message that you can acquire at any ringtone download website.

Things You’ll Need

Ringtone download text message

Touch Pro

Step 1

Find the ringtone that you would like to download to your Touch Pro by navigating to websites that offer ringtone downloads and searching for ringtones by artist name, album title, song title or music genre. Search for ringtone websites by inputting key phrases such as “ringtones,” “free ringtones,” “cell phone ringtones” and “ringtones.” For narrower results, try typing in the name or type of ringtone for which you are searching.

Step 2

Select the ringtone that you wish to download to your Touch Pro and click “Buy” or “Send” depending upon whether the ringtone is offered free or if you must purchase it. If you must purchase it, input your payment information as well as your cell phone number when prompted.

Step 3

Open the text message and click on the download link to download the ringtone to your Touch Pro. Set the ringtone as your default ringtone by going into your cell phone settings and tools and setting your new ringtone as the default ringtone for the ringtone operation(s) of your choice.


Customize the ringtone before texting it to your Touch Pro.


Beware of scam websites when searching for ringtones online—especially free ringtones.


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